Committee Standing Rules

The content of this document was agreed at the Committee meeting 12th June 2012

  • All expenses to be agreed by the committee in advance (excepting normal running costs associated with a role.  EG the secretary needs stamps)
  • Visiting speakers & judges may be offered overnight accommodation if they request it, either at a local B&B or by a Club member.  In the latter case the member shall be reimbursed to the sum of £25.  All requests for overnight accommodation shall be agreed by the committee in advance and shall apply to the speaker or judge only.  Accompanying partners should meet their own costs.
  • Each committee member who incurs expenses should submit a claim form to the full committee.
  • To ensure we comply with the Data Protection Act each member shall complete a membership application form when they pay their subscription on which they shall indicate if they are willing to share their name, email and phone details.

 Club account keeping

  • Each individual item of income and expenditure to be separately shown as an entry in the ledger.
  • No previous entries to be altered but errors and amendments made through reconciliation entries.
  • All monies to be banked in the week they are received.
  • All payments to be made by cheque, as far as possible.
  • Where possible receipts should be obtained for each payment.
  • A small petty cash account may be kept for tea/milk etc but should be recorded in a cash book.
  • Full accounts should be checked at each committee meeting and made available at the AGM to any members requiring information over and above the annual statement.                                                                                                  

Where necessary treasurers may receive training.


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