Braunton Camera Club meets at 7.30 every Monday evening at St Brannock’s Rooms,  Georgham Cross,  Braunton EX33 2EL during the winter season.  Anyone with an interest in photography is welcome,  whatever their level or ability.  There is also an informal summer programme of outings.

Why not come and meet us?    You’d be very welcome.



FIRST CLUB EVENING, SEPTEMBER 8TH.    Free cheese and nibbles.  Bring along some of your Summer work to share – prints (mounted or not) or DPIs

Our current exhibition Is at Fremington Quay Cafe at the end of August.

All the photographs exhibited in Club exhibitions are offered for sale at £40 mounted but unframed.  When a print sells the photographer will usually make a donation to the Club of 25% of the sale price.  The photographer also agrees to arrange delivery of the print to the person who has bought it, including paying any costs involved in that delivery.
Any photographer not wanting to agree with the above should mark prints submitted for exhibition as “not for sale”.




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